guido ochoa, brief histoy of cryptocurrencies

Without ecosystem there is no value

All cryptocurrencies start from the true premise that in order to have a value, it is necessary that a large number of people want to have them; however, very few argue that this desirability must be maintained for many years. Desirability is based on the cryptocurrency revaluing over time or simply that it does not lose its purchasing power.

On the other hand, for any X or Y cryptocurrency to have value, it must also be able to be used easily, so it must be accepted in most financial or commercial transactions; that means, this cryptocurrency must be able to be used in any type of trade or business, for example stores, supermarkets, airlines, purchase of shares, purchase of vehicles, purchase of real estate, etc. These events are here called usability.

In order for those already described events of usability and desirability could occur, it is necessary to build an ecosystem; that is, a group of people, companies, and institutions that are willing to participate by accepting, exchanging or retaining the X or Y cryptocurrency as a value instrument.

All cryptocurrencies wish to make their own independent ecosystem, that is, non-collaborative among them, some even believe that with their ecosystem they can monopolize all global financial transactions, but none of them propose to work together to make an ecosystem for general use of cryptocurrencies.

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